this sweet love poem

this sweet love poem

is for nobody particular

but i rather remind myself

just thinking of you

i will remember you

like back in the days


i first had a crush on


and you knew this

all along

though i’m not writing

this poem to you

i’m writing

this poem to nobody

just for the love of it

cos it’s about love

and how rare love is

when you are with

somebody’s special

or my heart beats


when i see your face

like i said

this sweet love poem is

not for you

not for nobody any particular

if i ever write this type

of love poem

i would scribble down

on paper

and speaks out loud

loudly enough

for you to hear

me say

this is a love poem

i wrote

at an open mike

at a café

through spoken word

i would speak rhythms

the flows of my heart


while angels sing

in peacefully



i would share every piece

of me

teardrops of me

only to you

but this is not a love poem

that goes straight to you

it flutters directly to you

like a butterfly

you hear me

in those harmonies

bittersweet harmonies




J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like your idea for this - nice

Art and Poetry said...

Your poetry is very nice, the style of writing is very free.
I have set up a link with your poetry blog.


Kai C. said...

thank you. j.andrew & art&poetry

krystyna said...

Really elegant music I heared in your poem and I Loved this poem.

Yesterday evening my comp. stopped working. Today is ok.
Have a blessing Sunday, Kai!

Kai C. said...

thank you. you have a beautiful sunday!

polona said...

i love how this flows...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem...I like your writings. Keep up the spirit.

Kai C. said...

thank u

~Just Me~ said...


Cynthia said...

Oh Kai, I love this poem, the beauty of the circular motion/love,
the gentle way you use words to
tell us love is precious.
Thank you, Kai!

Devika said...


Reached you through Polona's.
I feel happy that I did...

The poetic logic and flow is just simple and straight
& I found 'myself' there some where...and so tempted to let you know...
Loved it!

I too write poetry. Please do visit when time permits...

I am on a holiday....but will reach you back when I get online next time...