his dream
i see it
but saw it vanished
cos there are still racism
on air, upon one breath
though it doesn't stop his dream

it continues.......
every single day


Devika said...

My dear Kai..

Racism, caste, religion, nationality are all divisive forces...if we talk about that -- even if it is to fight against it -- the thought will only confirm the divisions..

learn to ignore those aspects...

and start loving people blindly, unconditionally --they can only love you back...

some will ignore you, let that not affect you...Until finally the dream is realised :))

I keep trying, join me dear..I badly need company, really :)


Cynthia said...

Hi sweet kai ~

So true, each day we may be reminded of unlove and then again
each day we are also aware of
love from the strangest places.

Love the boy - girl chat poem!

Margie said...

His dream is living on!

Hope you are doing well, Kai!

A warm hug to you!

krystyna said...

I think that Devika is right.

Take care and be happy dear Kai!