may i be your love poet?

may i be your love poet?

may i be your love poet?


so i could write you my only heart

my love poetic words that soars

in the sky

i wonder if i could send

my lullabies in your distance

my merry go around on your way

i let you sing or recite my words

of my beautiful innocence

through the breeze and in your one breath

oh may i, may i?

i want to be

cos i've been writing for so long

since the day i fell for you

and i want to show you

i am real

my soul is naked

words i say are my truest natural feelings

that i feel for you

realizing the pieces of me that you taste

is sticks to your heart

my spirit lands in your world

in your life

and i can never leave

i couldn't leave

cos of your heart makes me linger

so please, may i?

i'll write poetry for you

for only stars and the moon to see

i am falling

in the hands of only you

in each day and night

my thoughts of my love

floats on and on

flows on and on

like the sweet oceans

i am swimming afar

with my pen and paper

can you hear me?

my voice soothes away

into your dreams

i'm in your dream

loving you so....

cos i am your love poet

whose poetic sweet poetic words are

written for only you


Devika said...

If you be my love poet, Kai dear..I could love you as just a poetess..But, my dear, I want to love you as a girl, or a woman...who is in love with love, ...

btw, I have a love poet of my own...he is very naughty. like you?? :))

he's so naughty sometimes that I feel like killing him...But what to do..he lives far away :)

And Kai dear...this poem is very persuading..show this to your crush -- he'll be back in no time :))

love you, so my naughty naughty poetess :))

Margie said...

You are a love poet...no doubt about that!
Romantic & beautiful!


Kai C. said...

thanks guys

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Kai!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice :)

starry nights said...

Romantic and beautiful poem Kai.How are you doing.I am unable to get your blog on google reader so seem to miss it sometimes.